Hi, I am Adam Dash, a photographer based in Israel, currently living in Tel Aviv.

My photography is influenced by my interest in the simple ordinary things that life offers and we tend to ignore or forget. I pay close attention to the little things that make our world beautiful – the cycles of nature and what they do to our surroundings and to us; the way people look at each other; father and son, mother adoring  her baby, husband and wife sharing silence. Strangers exchanging looks - will they  meet again?  


I observe deeply everyday`s phenomena: how the light enters my home slightly differently as the day lingers, as weeks pass, lighting different spots with different qualities of warmth, color and brightness. 

Let's find something beautiful in what we already have is the Philosophy that guides my life and my art.  That's why I am always searching for natural light and trying to find the beauty and uniqueness in wherever I am and whoever and whatever I meet.

I like to keep things simple and minimal but to give everything the touch of perfection.


+972 50 711 6280


Tel Aviv, Israel

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My photographs are natural, clean and neat -

they usually tell a story that is beyond the specific context and look  somewhat nostalgic or timeless.

I find it important to create trust with the people whose pictures I am taking. I believe it is crucial to feel comfortable in a photoshoot in order to create beautiful and authentic pictures. Therefore I usually like to get to know the people I am photographing, to connect with them, and this helps me bring their uniqueness, their essence, even, as I see it, to the pictures.

I always try to create a relaxing atmosphere that will encourage people to feel free and behave naturally.

I really love to shoot film, using all kinds of old cameras the kinds of which people stopped using long time ago. Why? I guess it`s because managing them and looking through them feel romantic and nostalgic,  they produce a beautiful look that digital cameras can't make, but mostly because using them help me become a better photographer because they demand I become more awake and slow as I observe carefully what is around me.

My art comes from the urge that is implanted in me to express the way I see and feel the world and share it with other people. 


Some other facts you may want to know about me:

I grew up in Jerusalem and lived in this super photogenic city most of my life – I guess that makes me a true-blue "yerushalmi", for better or for best. 

I share my life with my wife, Catalina – we met five years ago while travelling in Mexico (originally she is from Chile, where we got married on a beautiful beach  (no, I didn`t photoshoot my own wedding, thank you for asking), our cute little baby girl, Mai, and our life loving rather tall lady dog, Chichi.

I love music, all kinds of but especially folk, country and rock`n`roll, I play guitar, ukulele, banjo and harmonica and enjoy playing and singing by a bonfire (or actually wherever I am).


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